Pharaoh Suite

Treat your cats to PURR Luxury Cat Hotel’s very best suite which is absolute decadence. There is of course a full-sized queen bed with a plush bedding, couch and plenty of pillows. Large windows allowing cats to gaze out at the countryside let in lots of light and enables the sumptuous delight of sun soaking in the afternoon. When the Canberra weather turns a little chilly your cats will love the heated floor and rugs to roll about on. This suite is massive and there are a multitude of comfortable sleeping places to choose from. Featuring a massive multi-level scratching tower, hideaway spaces and a 55-inch TV which plays a few of your cat’s favourite things such as birds and squirrels.

When nothing is too good for your fastidious feline friends then the Pharaoh Suite delivers the best of the best. Pharaoh Suite $140 per-day for 1 cat. $20 for each additional cat.

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Season From To Price
Regular season 2022-01-16 2022-12-14 $140.00
Christmas Season 2022-12-15 2023-01-15 $190.00
Regular season 2023-01-16 2023-12-14 $140.00
Holiday season 2023-12-15 2023-12-22 $170.00
Christmas Season 2023-12-23 2024-01-01 $190.00
Holiday season 2024-01-02 2024-01-15 $170.00
Regular season 2024-01-16 2024-12-14 $140.00
Holiday season 2024-12-15 2024-12-22 $170.00
Christmas Season 2024-12-23 2025-01-01 $190.00
Holiday season 2025-01-02 2025-01-15 $170.00
Regular season 2025-01-16 2025-12-14 $140.00
Holiday season 2025-12-15 2025-12-22 $170.00
Christmas Season 2025-12-23 2026-01-01 $190.00
Holiday season 2026-01-02 2026-01-15 $170.00
Regular season 2026-01-16 2026-12-14 $140.00

*Please note a non-refundable booking fee will be included in the final price 35% normal seasons and 50% for holiday seasons*