Prince Apartments

Our Prince Apartments begin PURR Luxury Cat Hotel’s line up of fantastic cat accommodation, they feature a choice of comfortable multi-level living spaces with great views alternatively timid Guests can choose a less stimulating environment. The bedroom has a solid door on the front so your can can enjoy a peaceful sleeping space, the separate ensuite bathroom is ventilated straight outside so the air is always nice and fresh. Another level is available for use as the dining area and there is yet another 3 level glass fronted space which is perfect for cats to snuggle into and look out at to see what is going on at PURR Cat.

Prince Apartments $39 per-day for 1 cat. $20 for each additional cat.

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Season From To Price
Regular season 2022-01-16 2022-12-14 $39.00
2023-01-16 2023-12-14
2024-01-16 2024-12-14
2025-01-16 2025-12-14
2026-01-16 2026-12-14
Christmas Season 2022-12-15 2023-01-15 $59.00
2023-12-23 2024-01-01
2024-12-23 2025-01-01
2025-12-23 2026-01-01
Holiday season 2023-12-15 2023-12-22 $59.00
2024-01-02 2024-01-15
2024-12-15 2024-12-22
2025-01-02 2025-01-15
2025-12-15 2025-12-22
2026-01-02 2026-01-15

*Please note a non-refundable booking fee will be included in the final price 35% normal seasons and 50% for holiday seasons*